Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The last few months haven't been very good for projects. I've started many, trashed many, put several on hold and just plain haven't finished a few others.

I have a bag from Weekend Sewing 95% done. I just need to finish the handles. However, it sits abandoned by the sewing machine. I just can't get the energy to finish it.

Tonight I started a scarf with some chunky yarn I found the other day in this great color way. I was into the third repeat when I noticed a mistake. No big deal. I ripped back and when I went to re-insert the wooden needle there was a huge splinter in it! I have an email in to the manufacture to see how to deal with it. I'm assuming some sanding will be required but this is a fairly large splinter (already 1 inch long) and fairly deep. I'm concerned that it may require too much sanding so we'll see.

I keep making silly mistakes in all of my projects and it's very annoying. I think I'm paying very close attention only to notice later on that I've made fairly large mistakes. Or like last week I went to knit knite and forgot my pattern! I just need to successfully finish one thing and then I think I'll be back on track.

Here's hoping! :-)

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